Monday, July 20, 2015

Oh my heavens! I looked to the skies and I saw pancakes!

Mr. Porter Wagner saying "Howdy"


I am creating a new blog site because my previous one (Drum Circles For Jesus) was a little bit too specific about one discrete activity that I enjoy, and so this is going to be much less organized.  I titled it Space Monsters Fed Pancakes To My Baby! and would like it to be a blog site for (A) my space rock music that I create and (B) my silly observations about the world and (C) about science, technology, amusement, entertainment, art, politics, and the existential ennui we all endure with either bemusement or joy.

So, like Mr. Porter Wagner here, I would like to extend my reticulated claw and say "Howdy!" and offer to either feed your baby pancakes if she won't stop screaming or reconstitute your entire civilian populace as slaves in my space monster safari enclosure, whichever is more amenable to you all.

I'm hoping you enjoy music, and if so, click here

Please let me know if you have space monsters infesting your neighborhood, by contacting me directly via radio brain wave transmission.

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